The new site

The station relocation started with the selection of a new site some 25 km to the east. Once the final choice was made the area was marked out with flags and a small caboose was left for accommodation. As part of our meteorological monitoring we set up a new automatic weather station where the Met tower will be moved to next year. In addition to this our comms team set up and tested the internet connection at the new site back to the main station. So we all joined an early morning ride with the guys going to the new site in the snocat to establish a fuel depot ready for the move.

While they cracked on unloading the fuel drums we, along with our eager helper, set about putting up the weather station and adjusting the dish for the microwave link on top of the caboose. With calm weather and good spirits we finished our work early and lay in the sun on the roof testing the new link by streaming music from the station. What strange situations we find ourselves in sometimes, this time laying in the sun under a blue sky listening to music out in the middle of nowhere in Antarctica. It was another beautiful day to remember.

DSCN1131 (960x1280)


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