A moose loose in the caboose

Finally I got another full weekend off so we took off to the perimeter caboose. This time we only took our mats and sleeping bags instead of the whole P-bag system keeping the load a bit lighter, so we decided to ski there instead of taking the skidoo. It was a cold night with a bit of wind and we barely could see anything from behind our iced up goggles. Once the start of the flagline was located we leapfrogged to the next flag indicating the other to follow with our head torches which lasted just long enough to find the caboose. It wasn’t too snowed in and we quickly got the Reflux and Primus stoves working, as well as the Tilly lamp. It didn’t warm up for several hours so we did some river dancing to keep our feet warm and after a cup of tea we snuggled into our down sleeping bags with all our jackets still on. We went outside and lay on our mats to watch the stars. It was incredibly clear that night and the Milky Way seemed to glow with the light of a billion stars. Later that night we also watched a nice aurora sneak across the sky. The next day the caboose had heated up nicely and we spent a leisurely day watching movies, playing cards, back gammon and star gazing. It almost seems like it was one very long night with only the faint light of the Tilly lamp illuminating the cabin. We feasted on cheese, pâté and crackers and also treated ourselves with some goodies from home like M&Ms and dark chocolate.


On Sunday morning the wind picked up to about 20 kts. Not much in general, but it howled loudly around the caboose and we quickly packed up to head back to the station. The visibility was very low and we aimed for the glow of the garage light on the horizon. The following days the wind increased to 45 kts making outside travel impossible.


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