Antarctic 48 hour film festival

Each year in August all the bases in Antarctica take part in a film festival to produce a 5 min film within 48 hours. The films are shared between the bases and rated like at the Oscars and can win in different categories. The only limitations are that certain things must appear in the film, which include a sound, a phrase, an action, a character, and an object which are chosen by different bases. This year Halley got to choose the sound effect: an elephant trumpeting. The categories are released on the Fri to allow some time for the teams to plan the film. Sat morning we all got up early and were busy getting into costumes, make up, setting up lighting and camera equipment and working out who does what. Team Halley had the title “Halley Prison” which worked brilliantly with our usual orange boiler suits and lots of forced labour … I mean shovelling snow into the melt tanks.

We filmed the larger indoor parts first before taking advantage of the light outside to film the outdoor scenes. Everyone energetically joined in to make what I think surely must be the winning film (no bias, honest!). After a long, slightly wet, but fun day we finished all the filming before a late dinner at 8pm and most of us had an early night. On Sun our caffeine powered pros spent all day and late into the night editing and adding the finishing touches to this masterpiece. I don’t want to reveal too much!

The link is below, but I must warn you, there is creative swearing, moderate violence, blood, sexual innuendo and some nudity. Not sure what the rating of this film would be… anyway, enjoy!

48 hour film festival Halley entry 2016


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